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  1. Carlos, When will it be available on DAS Sim? i am a Lifetime Member with BBT with an IB/DAS platform. So I guess it’s not available to me, yet, right? sorry - I just get all the avenues/platforms/brokers, etc confused sometimes. Thanks, Cindy
  2. Just beginning the Live DAS today. Been on the Simulator for about a month. I went in to place an order, and the choices of "ROUTE" is much different than in the Simulator. In the sim you can choose "LIMIT" "MARKET" AND "STOP." But in the Live DAS (using real money), those choices are not there. Instead it is SMRTL, SMRTM, ARCAL, ARCAM,....and on and on.... I watched Roberts "How to use Range (Bracket or OCO) orders in DAS" teaching video - but it doesn't address this question. I contacted DAS and they said I have to talk to my broker (IB). Talked to the broker and he said they have no idea because this is a DAS platform. Went back to DAS and they said I need to talk to my broker..... So I wasted a day on this question. I would stay with the simulator but it is different than the Live DAS - so that still won't help. Can you help?? Is there a video in your list that addresses this - and what those acronyms mean, as well? Thank you, Cindy
  3. I’ve just completed all 5 classes. I just didn’t know what he was referring to as “Level 2” and how that is more important than the charts, to him. That kinda threw me...
  4. What does Level 2 mean? I am new to DAS. I hear things like Level 1 and Level 2 - I think of the Montage window where level one is the top part and level 2 is the middle section. Are we talking about the same things? How does the 2nd section (Level 2) give you more value in your trades than the charts? Is t that the part that shows who is bidding and selling and how much. Abiel - I currently have the sim. I bought the Lifetime membership 3 weeks ago WITH the 3 months of DAS sim. I don’t use the montage window bc I have another broker. I like the charts they have and like setting them up like William does. Now I am thinking of switching to IB bc their commission fees are much cheaper. So I want to get those fees PLUS the charts of DAS. So obviously I will need to learn the montage window so I can trade and use the hot keys. So I’m looking at DAS and wondering which data package I should get - on a very limited budget. Can I set up my 6 charts like William does with the $100 data package or do I really need the $150?? I want to be super clear what I am driving at and what I want to know.
  5. There is Basis ($100), Standard ($120) and Deluxe ($150). This is an unexpected expense so I want to keep costs down. I’d like to switch from the broker I have now to IB/DAS - with BBTs - bc their commission fees are so much lower. But now I’m looking at a monthly data fee! Yikes!!!! Can I get by with $100? I’m using the DAS sim now and like it. What will I lose if I go with the cheaper plan? Thanks!
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