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  1. my market clock is often not right. not sure why...
  2. I did notice some other brokers offer free DAS if shares traded >300k/month.
  3. Just started day trading 2 months ago. I've been using TWS but find it super slow. However, I do love it's news triangles on chart which makes me very secure. (Before using that there was once breaking news came in and I was still trading my pattern and strategy and lost some money. (Also didn't have a stop loss hot key.) I also like TWS's sophisticated scanner. This week I just started trying DAS on Parallel with 8 charts (4 stocks) on one screen (27'' iMac 5K). So far very smooth. I feel like this is easier than back and forth with a couple of screens and extra PC, desk and space since I have everything on one big screen. I also have my laptop next to it for chatroom, news, etc. I'm in Asia trading at night so prefer dark charts. I understand there is a risk brought on with extra software. I had my Mac workstation properly setup, and for the time being, I don't see a point in investing extra hardwares and space in my apartment since I'm still on simulation. At this day and age who says trading has to be done on PC and Windows? Of course, this will probably come back and bite me in the long run.
  4. Thanks! I need to print this out and underline the ones that are my problems.
  5. So is Lv2 still 100% meaningful without AMEX, BX and BATS.. ? I'm still learning to read the Level 2 data...
  6. Hi guys, Just joined the community for a try out (started day trading 2 months ago). Always wanted to be part of the BBT the community cause I got so many things to learn (and so many questions)! I'm currently using Mac TWS and also trying on DAS on Parallel (before I make the decision to commit fully to PC and DAS). I have noticed the Level 2 sizes data on Das is at most times smaller than the data on IB. Screenshots attached (top DAS, bottom IB). I have contacted DAS's support and their reply is DAS 's L2 is "different". After insisting for more info they came back with an answer: DAS doesn't have some books such as BATS... This is news to me and I'm wondering if it's true. And if so, how much impact could it affect trading results?
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