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  1. This link doesn't work anymore. Any chance it could be brought back up?
  2. I think this would be a great idea! I live in Orange County myself.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Ricky Baizas and I live in Lake Forest in Orange County, CA but I'm originally from the Philippines. I've always been interested in stocks but I only made the move when I put some money in Robinhood. I came across a book about day trading while vacationing in Manila and when I searched Amazon further, discovered Andrew Aziz's book. I started listening to the audiobook at first but quickly found out that I needed the actual book itself. I quickly devoured both and found the fundamentals and concepts as laid out by Andrew easy to follow and now I'm here. I have started joining the chat room every morning and I hope to jump in pretty soon. Looking to learn more as I go and I'm really optimistic that sensible day trading will lead to a viable revenue stream in the coming months. Hope to meet some members in person in the near future! Thanks.
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