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  1. William you live in Pasadena?? Glad I have a local BBT admin so close by.
  2. Im in. I live in Pasadena and can help you find a place if you can give me specifics. EX: Restaurant or meeting place, estimated head count, timings, etc.. Parking is a real pain here so keep that in mind. Everything is pay to park. Sat nights in Pasadena is crowded and LIVE to say the least. Especially Old Town. Let me know. Mohammed
  3. I pretty much did the same thing, but hotkey mistakes are really messing up my trading. Ive since introduced HOT Buttons in muy montage and are pretty clear to me. I still use hotkeys but have these just in case as some hot key mistakes can be costly in the challenge on monday. Looks like you are well prepared. I have to start journaling. I like the idea of putting sticker on the keyboard Good luck friend.
  4. Maher, you mentioned you had it for break event. What if we had to set a stop by loading the price into the montage on double-click and then executing a stop loss order? Im brand new to this and would appreciate the help. Thanks
  5. Would love to add a stop on that double click. Did you have any luck with this? Please say yes
  6. That’s a great question. I’ve been looking for a way to set up stop losses. Other platforms have it clearly defined but das is quite confusing and def not user friendly. Takes some getting used to.
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