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  1. Hi, Just signed up for a live account with Das Trader pro. Is the only way to switch between the demo/sim and your real live account via the montage account drop down screen? Is there no other way or separate log in to access just the demo/sim? Just worried may make a mistake by forgetting the dropdown if thats the only way. Thanks
  2. for breakeven on a buy: ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;Share=Pos;StopPrice=AvgCost;SELL=Send; for breakeven on a sell: ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;Share=Pos;StopPrice=AvgCost;BUY=Send;
  3. Thank you. That worked. Sorry, another quick question. The montage screen always defaults to 1000 shares every time I go to a ticker. I right clicked the montage and went to 'Order Template' and changed the default order to 100 shares and I pressed Apply. However it does not seem to be recognising it as its always going back to 1000 shares on the montage screen even though it is set to 100 shares on the local default order setting. I am using the Free trial of Das Pro could it just be a bug or something? Thanks! '
  4. Hi, Had a question regarding hotkey buttons and sending orders on Das. I have a hotkey button that creats a a market stop order for my position. However, say I want to get out of the trade now instead of my stop, I will first cancel my open market stop order and when I click my hotkey button to Sell All (marketable limit sell) the Route section is still populated with STOP from my previous stop order so every time I have to then click the Route drop down and change it from Stop to Market and then I can press my sell hotkey button for it to work. Is there a way to default the Route section to always go back to "Market" after every transaction or is this a manual thing that has to be changed all the time? Thanks!
  5. also, is there somewhere where I can download the screen settings that you guys use (themes, etc) for daspro
  6. Thanks. I'll check out the demo. In your opinion I guess it is worth paying the extra monthly cash even for a beginner? Also, is there a resource somewhere here where I can download the daspro hotkeys that most of the people in the community use here to test out in the demo?
  7. thanks for the feedback! what other issue did you not like with edge that is not in line with the way the community trades? I know the hotkeys arent as good....is there anything else? I am starting out with day trading and feel that paying 150 for DAS pro per month is a big cashflow commitment for a newbie...I tried TWS but hated it.
  8. Does anyone trade with questrade and if so, do you know if its possible to have the marketable limit orders that Andrew and many others do? I am with questrade but cant seem to find the order type for that.
  9. Are there any rebates on the delux package cost (for data) if you generate a certain amount of commission in IB?
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