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  1. How do you set up (stream deck) my will not work.. if i try to hit a /hot key on it, it do nothing.. But works fine in (excel, word website and more).. Do you know what i do wrong? Nice set-up BTW!
  2. Dunno, if it only is me? But in 1:09, you say in here, and your mouse don't move? Does it (freezer) Great job for the week!
  3. Hello All! How was you week going so far? I am still trying to figure out, to set my Hot keys in das, into my (stream deck) My problem is, when i hit my hot key, on my stream deck, it will do nothing in Das.. But if i try everywhere else it, works fine.. So right now, i just need to do, so it works in Das.. I also made a (Weekend list) -Hot keys. (almost) -Find some A+ trades , from my scanner, and study/practice them. -See Andrews videos. -Read some page, in ( The investor 's Quotient)
  4. Thank you sir! Yeah differently they need to make, something bigger! I will use my log, and go back to see where and how i, break my rules, but you just got me thinking about to make, a ( remember) this note, so if or when i do, i easily can see it. Thank you for your time Brendon!
  5. Thanks for the great videos! Nice job, for those trades, and still grinding every day. What program do you use for the record, and are you doing it, after you finish? (live) Great work, and have good day sir.
  6. Okay! Let's go i am ready now! Or am i? That the questions i keep asking myself, what more do i need now, and what do i have.... So let's start from the beginning. This is what i have right now! Soon i will begin my journal, of trading, an i am ready, to hit it! But right now, let's go into step buy step, why i have all those things, and stuff. I got this (Note book) because i want to (leave) and (keep) my journey, in mind, so i always, can look back, from where i was. I also have this because, i want to keep tracking my trades down, but i am not going to use it like a (log book) but more like a diary, to keep my emotions down there, and everything that i will learn, and have done for the day, what i would fell after the day, what i have learn and son on. I got this book, to track my trades, every single one of them. to see how it's going, and could go back and see if/or i did take that set-up/trade before, and did i go well. The map, i have this, because i want to (keep) making rules, and set in. I want to have my (strategy) close to me, and can change it buy the time, i delivery more experience day for day, and to see what it started for, maybe the ABCD pattern, will be change after 3 days, because i found out that i need, some more (conformation) in that strategy, and then i can change it. Just some of my rules, wanna say thanks to Andrew, Robert, And Peter for those great informations about risk, control and psychology! Keep the good work guys! Thanks. I got this, because i don't now what to set as target for the day, and will change it for day for day. Why? Because,i think its important, to set the goal, for what you day have been, (are you tried) (did you have a bad day) (are you feeling strong) (do you have some emotions going on) and so on. But the MAX loss pr day will always be the same! Thinking right now to set it at ( 250$) its 1 % for the totalt amount of my account, i know its not a lot, but still new, and i know its only a (demo). But want to keep it like it's was my job, and real money! And Max loss pr day trades will always be the same! 3 trades! And that will also be my MAX loss pr day. so 1% of the totalt amount of my account. Stoploss pr trade: it would change buy time, for RR, but would keep it for 83$, so i can lose 3 trades. before i hit my MAX loss pr day. - Also want to say thanks to the great article Peter D, and the good excel ark! definitely gonna use that! And this! Yes MAN! How the week going so far? Let me see, just buy that, keep my trades and the overall (P/L) day for day. Thank you! Can't remember is name, but did see this on the (Members day trading recap) But thanks! I think its very important, to have this! 1: Just so you can see what the week is going so far. 2: Its about the psychology , behind it. You need to type it down, and when your are sitting there you dont want to let it be red. Just like the (bonus, on the day job) Or the every month, (journey) How much, did you make? What did you do wrong? How fast was you? 3: are you green for 3 days? Then you can see how the day was before, you began to trade, in my (day trading journey) was i happy, did i have a good day? Maybe i got a lot of sleep? AND of course the (hot key pad) i want to do it fast, don't want do fumble around and make those (hotkeys mistakes).. So i did buy this, will do update on this. It's my own (howkeys) right now, i just need to (log it in) das if i can.. I like you see on picture (2) i can open Trade ideas, facebook and so on.. If i click on (bear bull traders) it will open another (hot keys) So i easily can open some of those websites. And if i click on (Das) it will open another ( Hot keys) and there will my hot keys, now i just need to set it in das, if i can. The Excel ark, to make my positions size fast and easy, to keep my (stop loss) in my 83$. for every trade i take. So yeah, i think i mid be ready to go out, and do some trades. Do i need more? Did i miss something? - I will not post here every day, i think, but mostly like every week. (sunday) for all the trades i took, and so on. Maybe it will be every day, if not, i will do it the way, i was saying up there. Still need to set up, my Das demo account, so will start it next week. Can you all have a great week! Mads From Denmark!

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