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  1. Update. Definitely user error on my part. I noticed that sometimes my "double clicks" on the chart were more like "triple clicks" due to trying to be too quick. When I accidentally triple click, the first two clicks selects my stop and puts the montage in focus, but then the inadvertent third click then puts my chart in focus which makes the stream deck unresponsive. So problem solved. Thanks again for the feedback.
  2. Thanks DanT and smp. I do have multiple montages. I typically double click the chart associated with the montage to select my stop loss which usually activates the montage and makes it the focused window. I'll try to pay close attention to see if for some reason the montage does not become the focused window after double clicking my chart to set my stop loss price.
  3. Curious if you ever found an answer to your problem. I just got a Stream Deck and have noticed the same issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  4. Were you able to duplicate an entire tab in one go? I tried and failed. I can only duplicate individual windows. I am also interested in whether or not it is possible to display tabs individually on separate monitors. Anyone know if that is possible?
  5. Hey Im a new member in Anchorage. How are you?

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