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  1. Thanks for sharing Mark. Great Journaling. I will draw some points from your journaling to reflect on my trading.
  2. I once considered joining them and their brokerage for options. Remained with TOS. Are you with TastyWorks?
  3. I am in the same boat. DAS Trader UI is not good for trading simple options, let alone spreads. I use TOS for analysis and trading, at high brokerage. I like IB brokerage for Options, but I have not given their TWS platform a try yet.
  4. Awesome. Looking forward to meeting you all, and Andrew.
  5. Hello True, Don't think there is any harm in signing up for this. As a day trader, one needs to be flat at the end of the day. It is for those folks who retain stock in their portfolio that this applies. If you are swing trader, then your shares of a certain security could be lent for others to short. However, IB does state that IF you can close your positions at anytime. Sounds okay to me.
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