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  1. Count me in for a future meetup. I live in the Lexington KY area.
  2. Awesome review. I am also curious about withdrawing money from CME. It seems like there will be no issues, but you never really know. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.
  3. Hello Bear Bull Traders, My name is Troy Hollon. I am a firefighter from Winchester Kentucky (Just outside of Lexington). I have been interested in the markets for several years. In January, right around the same time my first daughter was born, I found Andrew's book. His book grabbed my attention and made me want to seriously look at trading as not just an interest, but as a way to make some extra money. I love my job as a firefighter, but it doesn't pay very well. It does allow me to trade at least three days a week though because my schedule is 24 hours on shift / 48 hours off shift. If I ever want to do anything more in life and feel more financially stable, I have to either spend the majority of my time at work working overtime, or find something to do on the side. Trading is what I want, and I want to find success in this community with other like minded people. I've been watching Andrew on YouTube ever since I read his book and, as of recently, am a new member of this community. While I am saving up for a trading computer, I'll be in the chat every day I'm off work and I'll be learning all I can about trading in order to better prepare myself for the simulator. I've set in my mind that I am going to succeed at trading, so I'm in this for the long haul. I look forward to getting to know you all and experiencing success together. Troy
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