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  1. Hi James, can you pass me your phone number? Mine is +971566869844 Guys, can you pass me your phone number, mine is +971566869844 . thanks, Elias
  2. Hi Guys, Are you in Dubai, anywhere in the Middle East or simply interested to travel and discover this city while meeting other members of this great community!?. Then, please jump into this discussion raising your hand, cuz we are planning a Meet Up in Dubai in Feb!. Options are Saturday 22nd or the 29th (please select your preferred date) Boca Restaurant- in the financial district DIFC Time: 5pm to 10pm In Dubai, the weekends are Friday and Saturday, so I can free up my weekend and organise some extra activities for whoever is coming, like desert Safari or I can do a tour in the city myself!. Please let me know you who can attend and if you are coming more than one with you, please tell me names and preferred date (22nd or 29th). If Friday suits better instead, please propose this too. Looking forward to hearing from you traders! PD: Below a quick intro of myself, Facebook: Elias Beyrouthy, Instagram: Elitos55
  3. Hi Traders, my name is Elias, I am 40, Spanish and live in Dubai, a dynamic city by the dessert getting built super fast thanks to a huge injection of petrodollars ...! ). After studying economics and business in Spain, I decided to do an international career so I lived in Berlin, London and Dubai for the last 18 years working as sales director for a large Telecom and learning 3 new languages. Then, after 15 years in the same company, I got bored of the product and BS internal politics and negotiated and exit package to say bye bye to the Corporate world. Now I run a distribution business for Telecoms in the Middle East. I have invested in real estate but since I used to play online Poker before, I developed a strong risk taking attitude and I was open to learn how to trade. I joined the community almost 1 year and a half ago, have been since then only in the simulator as I had major investments to cover and didn't want to start live until I get saved $25K and learned how to develop a strong discipline and edge. Always interested in taking calculated risks, learning, helping others to learn by sharing experiences. Looking forward to talking with you and seeing some of you one day!. Cheers, Elias
  4. Hi Robert, thanks for the tip. For some reason I can't stop the pen to draw multiple lines. How do you deselect after having drawn the lines? thanks
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