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  1. Are there any books you can recommend on options trading?
  2. Bummer. We will miss you guys. We are driving down from Irvine. Saturday.
  3. Any recommendations on a good day trading podcast? Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, My husband and I are learning and practicing together. Any other couples trading together? Got any tips? =] Thanks.
  5. I haven't closed all the way out of DAS since starting the simulator. Once I did and reopened the simulator desktop, I cannot see all the open windows and I cannot expand DAS far enough to be able to move and resize the windows I'm unable to see. Is there a way to move R/L within the DAS window so I can find the windows I cannot see?
  6. Hello, My name is Lana. My husband and I have read the book and are taking the next step, joining the group. We are sharing an account right now. Our goal is to make day trading a career together. We are both very new to day trading so he is making flash cards for us and I'm reading & watching all I can. Once I clear my schedule we will start doing the simulator. My goal is to replace his current income so he can quit his job and we can do this full time. I'm excited for this new chapter of our life.
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