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  1. This is a DAS Trader Pro demo nonsense problem. Always saying : not enough buying power! Each time I want to partial I must remove the stoploss and then put it again. There is a macro you can add to the shortcut to cancel all the order : CXL ALLSYMB; But don't forget to put your stoploss again and again and again!! Hope it help!
  2. Bonjour, je suis sur messenger à tous les matins de la semaine. Je part un groupe de tchat BBT en français. Si vous être intéressé, vous n'avez qu'à répondre à ce post. bon trading!
  3. Hello, is there a way to create an automatic trailing stop that follows the VWAP in DAS Trader? or any Moving Average? thx! Mathieu
  4. I just get the same problem today in Das Trader Pro with DEMO account. Here a citation from Kyle's hotkey "BBT_DASTraderPro_HotKey_Configuration_BETA_V2.1" that give us some light. the command go at the beginning of the script.
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