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  1. Hi Carlos, Thank you, that is very helpful. I wish I would have known that the sim came with the DAS Trader Pro. I would have just created the Pro Trader account. I have paid for 3 months of sim, is there a way to upgrade that to the Trader Pro? Thank you for your help. Kelly
  2. I am confused with the difference between the DAS Trader Pro account and the simulator account. I understand that the simulator is not connected to a brokerage and costs approx $100/month. The DAS Trader Pro is connected to the brokerage and costs $150/month. I currently have a 3 month simulator plan. I also have an IB account. If I set up a DAS Pro trader account does that mean I will be paying $250/month to DAS for both the Trader pro acct and the sim? Or does the Trader Pro account include the simulator? Do both accounts have to be configured separately, or do the screen formats sync automatically? Can I simply switch from one account to the other, or do I have to log out and re-log into the other. Sorry for the confusion. I was briefly using the IB trading platform and it was easy upon login to choose either paper or live trading. It seems expensive to pay for the DAS pro trader and the simulator separately. Thank you for any help or if this question has already been answered. I did search the forum. Kelly
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