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  1. “Let’s take the jacket off”
  2. I live in Brooklyn and it would be awesome to meet you guys, the only problem is that I’m not available on Saturdays. If it works out on another day I would most probably join.
  3. 9. Joseph. I plan on coming from NY, does anyone know if finding parking in Montreal is difficult?
  4. I might be willing to travel if the day works for me.
  5. Awesome stuff Allen! I'm going to print this and have it on my desk and make sure to remember it before I trade.
  6. Excellent post Robert! I've been day trading now almost two months in sim and I just keep on getting burned out... This post is super helpful. I'm waiting for the rest.
  7. Is it under study conifg? For the life me I can't find Market Open Line when I right click chart
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