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  1. Night owl say "Hi" here. Not easy at all to trade in the early morning.
  2. I self diagnosed with obsessive compulsive behavior, which reflect in trading is that I have to read or study trades all the off market time . If I don`t , I will feel guilty and blame myself for any loosing or break even trades. " Do it , right now!" " must to do it!" those two are the barriers I am trying to overcome right now. Any suggestions, Dr. Steenbarger?
  3. Jason, What is Think or Swim? Can you talk about it more?
  4. Anyone knows, is there SIM offering off-hour trading practice? Since I have a full time job , one hour each day DAS SIM seems not sufficient . If there is a SIM which displays the day time data for traders to play off -hour, that would be really helpful.
  5. Wow, thanks for sharing. Applause!
  6. Such an easy way to make money. Taking "Satan" as a code name, ur...seems like a detective fiction.
  7. Ive been watching Brains recap videos for a few days. I am very interested in Brain`s style. Here are some questions. 1). Do you trade based on 1 min chart since you only upload 1 min chart on the recap video? 2). Do you trade ORB on first 5 mins, and how often? 3). How much room will you give a trade to run before exiting with lose in general? Suggestions please.
  8. Trading in Central time zone. Go to work after one hour trading, always from 8;30-9:30 central time. It is hard to balance when you have a full time job , a family and a side business to run. That why to become a full time trader is the ultimate goal.
  9. Anybody knows, does ST charge interest for shorting their stocks with day trade?
  10. On their website , they post the minimum deposit should be $30000 after Jan 2016. Where is the saying about minimum $25000?
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