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    Hi Trader Joe, I agree that you are doing very well. It took me over a year before I reached 12R a month. I know by watching BBT chat/webinars that it seems you need a high R/month to make a living. But its more about consistency. I use to hear Andrew say that if you can consistently make $5 a month the rest is just position sizing. Also, the classes outside of BBT, that I take (DTA and VKT) push consistency well over R/month. Essentially, I am saying the same thing as Peter B where you might have already succeeded and the rest is just position sizing. Of course we all should continuously optimize and adapt, but first you should determine if your systems are good enough already. Below is the easy way to get a ballpark of how your systems are doing. This analysis should be performed on each system (setup) separately. If you calculate >0.3 your already gold and its time just to increase your position size. Essentially, you want to aim for 2% of your account size. There are websites that will help you determine the optimal position size but for >0.3 they will calculate a number over 2%. Since I highly recommend not going over 2%, that is a number to shoot for. Since your systems are only 3 months old I would probably stop at 1% account size until your systems are tested over multiple market conditions (bull/bear/choppy). To determine if the system you use is effective take the mean of the data set (in R) of the profit per trade and divide by the standard deviation (also in R units). Then use this table. R/sig Quality 0.16-.19 Poor but tradable .2-.24 Average .25-.29 Good .30-.5 Excellent .5-.69 Super .7- Holy Grail
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