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    To anybody that's interested, Andrew, Norm, Carlos and Ryan will be in town for the NY Trader's Expo. We plan on having dinner at 8PM on Sunday, March 10th at The Irish Pub in midtown Manhattan (837 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019) This is an open event and all are welcome to attend. There's no need to RSVP. We will be there hanging out and looking forward to seeing anybody that wishes to hang! If you have any questions, please reply to this topic.
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    Friday march 8th, 2019 Sleep: 7.5 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. First trade of the day was an ORBU in AMD. i liked the buying pressure on the first ten minutes so i waited for a pullback to the MAs on the 1min chart and got a good entry. stop at $21.30 goal was a $21.71 a couple cents below my target. i was confident that i would get to my profit target so i watched it get two cents from my target and i froze and held and then i got disgusted that i gave back a 2:1 R over a couple cents and got out at the b/e. this ended up never hitting my stop and hitting my profit target. serves me right for getting out of a trade on disgust. GOOD: good setup, good entry. RFI: not taking any profits so close to my exit MOOD: disgust CONSISTENT: no. i did not follow my trading plan and was too rigid in my profit taking Then i just took some crappy emotional trades and hit max loss. Looked like AMD was going to sell off, i waited for a new 5min low to get in but i got stuck holding the bag and got stopped out immediately. this was my worst trade of the day. Then i tried two more shorts in AMD but it was a long, i should have known better but i let my emotions get the best of me and i held my short bias for three losers. GOOD: at least the third short i waited for a good entry with the HOTD as the stop: at least i respected my stops all day today. RFI: dumb trades, also dumb entries. Really blew it today MOOD: disappointed i kept trying to force the short trade but I accept those losses. CONSISTENT: yes i respected my stops. P&L was max loss but i felt more in control today than last week. i'm still hitting max loss way too often. 3 times in a week is too many. there's really no way to worry about my max losses, all i can do is take the best trades i can and not worry about the money. Traveling a lot next week so i won't be trading Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. it will give me some time to reflect on my trading and how to move forward. What i did good today: First trade in AMD was a good trade and would have been a winner What i did bad today: chasing trades and not looking at the overall trend. What can i do better tomorrow: don't let one trade ruin your day. other comments for tomorrow: Keep working on making good trades.
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