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    • 4-8-20 AIS 0800, 6 hours, 7/10 Time to button down and stick to what I know PAT: Over-trading outside of playbook. Take a full size position when its an A+ setup I had way more patience today doing a little visualizing during meditation as Dr. Katz recommended  SQ I felt very good about my first trade but only wished I would have taken a partial at HOD. I was given the opportunity to reduce risk on a small bounce so I took it. After It failed I said I was not going to trade anymore till after 1100. I talked with Ted about it and now realize I should not penalize myself for a good trade that did not work out. So I will change the rule to one Bad trade before 1100. There was no reason that I did not take the trade again on the bounce of VWAP right after it failed. Second entry made another ABCD on the 1min for a small entry and I added once I felt better about the trade. Took a partial and it came back to stop me out by a couple cents. I reentered again when it came back through the 20ema  and added on for a double size position, not out of hope but on L2 action. was able to get 6 partials but I never had a chance to add on so I was left with a tiny share size so I doubled the size bringing my BE still to a decent level. I only exited the trade because I had to leave to take car of my other business. Cons: Bad Rule kept me from taking the trade right after I got stopped out. This is changed starting tomorrow Pros: had the patience to wait after my Visualization and meditation this morning PB Trade: SQ Rs: +1
    • Hey Koonu, welcome! You might find some interest in this small Discord group some of the members have running: https://discord.gg/84Pgrp
    • Ed this is awesome, thanks so much.    Can you please kindly send the file to us so we post it in our Youtube channgel? email it to me [email protected]
    • Here's my trading set-up. Looking forward to upgrading my travel set-up next! That can definitely wait as know ones   traveling. LOL        
    • Hi All, Looking to learn and therefor I am hoping for some feedback. Stock gapped up in the pre market First trade, I thought to have spotted some weakness even though the stock gapped up. I could get nice entry on the 1 minute on breaking that MA, and therefore I want in. What are your thoughts? Second trade. I could get a nice entry on the 1 minute on what seemed to be a potential break of the VWAP. A bit later the pattern seemed weak and therefor I stopped out. What are your thoughts on this entry? What are your thoughts on me stopping out? perhaps I should have waited untill I have hitted my hard stop loss on 16,45?  
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