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If you live in Toronto, Canada please join us.

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  2. Hey there, I recently joined BBT/DAS Trader as well and I am fairly new to all this. I do not know a single trader and I am looking to connect with any trader. Someone I can grow with. Cheers, Van
  3. Hey guys, new to the BBT community and fairly new to Trading, I've recently started trading SIM and I'm looking for a trading partner, Mainly to Navigate DAS with and exchange trade Ideas. If anybody's interested please leave a comment below and we'll connect. I know the basics of DAS but looking to get more in depth as well. I started learning more about the market during the pandemic , even though I was investing previously. I've read both of Andrews books as well as many more, my knowledge isn't overly extensive but I have been studying Technical Analysis and Intraday and Scalping for almost a year now. I'm more then comfortable with the three pillars of Trading, and like I said previously just want to expand my knowledge as much as possible. ( I'm not that new to strategies, psychology and risk management just transitioning to DAS from TradingView )
  4. Anybody is interested in meetup for Toronto based BBT members via Zoom?

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