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  1. Me trading obviously


  2. Nice little hotkey Kyle helped me out with that i use a fair bit.  I call it Dynamic Stop Loss.  This hotkey allows me to double click my chart after taking a position, then clicking the hotkey sets my Stop loss at the double click price.  I mostly use it when i have a winning position and do not want to give back the entire win after partials. 


    CXL STOP;Route=STOP; StopType=Market; StopPrice=Price; Share=Pos; TIF=Day; Send=Reverse;


    I find it useful when i want to set stop loss at a level like WVAP or 9EMA for example, with this key i can double click slightly above or below this level if a feel it's significant and i have my stop loss.  

  3. Learning Cams, SLOWLY!!!

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