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Start trading 1.5 to 2 hours after the market open - Best practice for building watch-list and marking levels

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I start trading 1.5 to 2 hours after market open as I have a full-time job right now and that's the earliest I can start with trading. Does any of you have any best practice for how you build a watch-list some time after the market open and find the levels which are interesting?

I am using a DasTrader simulator and have a Trade-ideas subscription. 

Currently, I just copy Andrew's watch list in Dastrader and mark the levels the way he does at the market open but I have two things on my mind when I ask my question:

1. Some of the stocks that might have been interesting at market open are probably not that interesting anymore as they did not receive any interest from the markets i.e. volume

2. Some other stocks might be interesting now which were not on the initial watch-list that Andrew created

 So, how do I choose stocks at this time of the day?



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Honestly, for me 1.5 or 2 hours after the market opens aren't the best time for trading, but hey! It's still possible to have good greats even after 2 hours of trading :D, it's just different from the opening. I've been trading last 3 weeks on all the times possible and that's to figure out my own trading strategy and the time that fits my personality. You won't get as much huge movements as you'll the first hours, but you still going to find some, so that's a plus if you are willing to trade those huge moving stocks. However, most of the stocks that time are moving slowly, but it's also good on the other hand because mostly they're movement is trending, it's easier to anticipate their movement after and hour and + from the opening. You still need to find a good entry to go with the trend.

Anyway, to trade in the late market hours the stock needs the same requirements as the open, it should be in play, it needs volume, it needs to be traded by retail traders, and it shouldn't be choppy. Later on the day I trade the same stocks I traded in the morning btw, most of which are from Andrew's watch list, not all of the stocks traded in the morning are good to trade mid day anyway, check the volume, maybe they lost the interest, and they stopped moving enough to make profits.

Choosing a stock isn't so difficult, mid day or market opening, I think the requirments are the same)

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