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Can not get my Limit Orders to work properly

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I'm trying to go around Das Trader Pro and, right now, I'm struggling with a limit order to take profit.

I'm long with 200 shares (step 1).

I try to set a take profit/limit order to sell 100 shares if/when price goes to $469 (step 2)

When I click "sell", the order goes at the market price of $465.21 instead of the expected $469(step 3)

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? 

Thank you 

Step 1.pngStep 2.pngStep 3.png


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Hi Juggleben78-- there is no guarantee a limit order will be filled.  Depending on the spread / volatility, your limit order may be skipped.  You should create a hotkey for a marketable limit order to sell a few cents below the bid, and your order will almost always get filled.  Search the forums for threads on hotkeys.  Here are two great starter threads.



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