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Drawing Daily Levels

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Does DAS have a snap feature that allows horizontal lines to snap to OHLC of candles to make drawing them faster and more accurate?

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That would be *really* useful.

I don't know how much hope to hold out for the following but: I did submit a feature request to DAS, to have them create a study which would draw daily pivots on a daily chart, as far back as a year.

I'd encourage anyone who sees this message, and believes this study would be useful, to reach out to DAS and file a similar feature request. Without significant pressure from their users, I do not believe DAS will do anything. -I'm not saying this to beat up on them, but the reality of most software development organizations, is that they *must* prioritize their efforts (this is completely normal) and that they most likely only will be able to address requests that are highly visible to them.

So: If you believe there would be value to you in having a DAS study to draw daily pivots, please reach out to DAS and request it.

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