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DAS Moving grid/crosshair and Chart drag

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Greetings all,

Two DAS (latest Oct release, simulating only) questions hoping for help with:

1) I notice Andrew and others have moving X Y gridlines / crosshair that follow the cursor in charts and show additional data on the side and bottom where the gridline goes.  If that doesn't make sense and you are familiar with Trading Views charts that's what I'm talking about, see trading views screenshot please.

2) Is there anyway to drag a chart around by holding down the mouse button or other button, again like one can by default in Trading View? I find this more natural than zoom in / out combined with scrollbar at the bottom - which seems to be pretty much how you view them in DAS.

I went through the YT tutorial for Andrew's charts and thought that might give me #1 but it hasn't and I can't find the option if it exists, nor have my searches dug up anything on #1 or #2.

thanks in advance


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ha! found it right click on chart choose crosshair.  I chose this several times before for for some reason it did nothing, no idea why, anyway.

If anyone knows a way to do question #2 lmk thx.

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On 12/10/2021 at 6:18 PM, daspatriot said:

Great, got it! thank you so much!

You got it?  I don't see the answer posted, but would also like to know how to drag the chart!

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