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I have my regular hot keys for live trading and then I have (shift+z) to buy 100 shares in sim, (shift+x) to sell 100 shares in sim.  I was trading the after-market earnings with sim for fun and accidently hit my "sell full position" live hotkey (Shift+8) out of reflex.  Unfortunately I lost my daily earnings when instead of selling a 100 shares that I didn't have in my live account, it shorted a 100 shares in it.   Is there a way to set up my "sell full position" hot key to only work if I already have a share size in that account.  This is my current hotkey setup.

For selling 100% of Position:


For covering 100% of Position:



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Hey Billy Jenkins,


This is probably what you are looking for. 

It isn't a complete script, but it should be an easy implementation for your needs.



Good luck trading,

Bailey Nevener

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