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I have a question about Kyles Hotkeys. I'm using the hotkeys for fixed $ risk entry (working perfect) and partials (working also perfect). Now my partial hotkeys are market order with 33% or 50% partial. Can someone send me hotkeys for a limit order? Where I double-click on the chart on a price level and press the hotkey for setting a limit order there?

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it is a logical problem if you use it with stop loss orders.

imagine you have bought 100 shares of a Stock and set the stop loss to be a market order of 100 shares

now you want to be protected with the stop loss order to be able to partial with limit order you would need to place a new order to sell lets say 50 shares. but what do you do with the stop loss order? it exists with 100 shares. if you cancel it, then you have no stop loss - no more fixed risk. if you partial 50 shares, your stop loss will reverse the position to -50 shares once hit (and the stock is shortable). If the stock is not shortable or your buing power is not enough anymore because of the existing opened position, your partial order would not be placed untill you cancel the stop loss order.

therefore if you intend to use automated profit taker orders, you cannot have fixed risk stop loss orders. you need to chose, one or another.

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