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BBT TradeBook

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Hello Bear Bull Traders,

This TradeBook is a collection of trading strategies that the moderators within our community trade throughout the day. It is designed to assist you in understanding the setups that our moderators discuss in the chatroom. The information contained within each of these strategies can also be used as a starting point in your own journey to create a personalized strategy. It is highly recommended that you begin testing any strategy in your simulator before attempting to trade with real money.


Bear Bull Traders Team



BBT TradeBook.pdf

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On 9/26/2020 at 9:33 PM, Wayne Ferguson said:

Thanks so much for this.  I’ve been using this tradebook as I’m learning strategies in the sim and it’s been great.  

Do you have any idea when the “Coming soon” strategies may be added?  I’m really excited for the clear and concise tradebook sheets for the additional strategies.

We will post an updated document every time we add strategies to it. 

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HI Abiel -- Have there been any updates?  I looked in the room drive, but it is also this older one.


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Hey BBT and @Abiel

Good day. This is Luke here! I am new to the community.

I wish you could help me out in understanding the Tradebook. I am eager to learn.


1) In the first Strategy - Fallen Angel / Rising Devil

I am stuck at the given examples. What are the lines/ Curve indicated in the chart? I know there might be Lines like Previous Days close, High, Low, Premarket Hi/Low... also VWAP, SimpleMA, ExponMA...

But I wish you could enlighten me with which is what in the provided example.

We have

Horizontal Line

-Purple Solid Line =?

-Yellow Solid Line =

-Dashed Red Line =

-Dotted Red Line =

-Dashed White Line =


-White =

-Green =

-Blue =

-Red =

-Orange =

Thanks for your help!

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