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Leigh Jeffery

Sept 30 - Mark Randall - A Collection of the Worst Trades I’ve Ever Seen

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Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar!

A Collection of the Worst Trades I’ve Ever Seen

For nearly four decades, Mark observed and experienced the ebb and flow of the Futures markets as both a floor trader at the London Stock Exchange and as a broker at a major investment bank. Through that journey, he witnessed firsthand how traders cannot only fail, but fail badly. Calling upon examples from his own background in addition to the stories of others, he will discuss in this webinar trades that failed, why they failed and the mistakes that were made, as well as share some wisdom as to how to avoid making similar mistakes. Expect some “blood and gore” at this webinar as the trades being reviewed will indeed be the worst trades that Mark has ever come across!


Date :   Wed, September 30, 2020
Time :  8:00 PM ET
Location :  Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)

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I cannot watch Success webinars live because of the time shift, but after the recent "re-arrangement" of the video-library, I have not find the recording of this seminar in the member's section. Can you please tell me, where can I find the latest Mark Randall's Success Webinar? Thanks.

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Looking for the recording of this one as well...

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I understand the audio and video are a bit out of sync and Carlos is working on restoring the session. I'm awaiting this one too (living in Europe and cannot view live).

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