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  1. I cannot watch Success webinars live because of the time shift, but after the recent "re-arrangement" of the video-library, I have not find the recording of this seminar in the member's section. Can you please tell me, where can I find the latest Mark Randall's Success Webinar? Thanks.
  2. I can confirm that after contacted CMEG, all my ECN Fees were corrected to the right price. Despite some of my orders have been routed via SMAT instead of LAMP in recent days, the ECN fees were always charged correctly.
  3. The same with me on Thursday. Some of my orders were routed correctly with the LAMP route (0.0025 USD per share), but some of them were routed SMAT with much higher ECN fee (0.0065 USD per share). All this happened despite I have my hotkeys set to use LIMIT and MARKET and using DAY for the timeframe. I am going to send an e-mail to the CMEG customer service, because my ECN fees for yesterday are higher than commissions. Is there anybody else with the same issue?
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