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Brian Pez

Toronto Meetup Aug 16

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My most valuable investment,

It was a pleasure to meet fellow traders and BBT members. Thank you @Leonardo Murcia and Sonia for your exceptional hospitality. Those of you who had a chance to join, and did not, missed the delicious food, fun conversations and much knowledge sharing. It was worth the 1.5 hour drive on the day I moved to a new place.

Since I moved to Canada in 2001, I have met and interacted with so many nice people. Canada has lived up to its reputation! I can say with confidence that PeterD and Brian Pez are in my top 5 list! . I have never seen people so sociable, friendly and willing to help and humble at the same time, despite all the professional success and life achievements. I know that they are not obligated to do this. They  already give back more in value to the community and people who invest and join as members.  They patiently answered questions and shared their journey and life stories. For me it felt like I'd  known them for years. 

Congratulations to @Andrew Aziz for building such an amazing community and bringing partners like @Peter and @Brian Pez on board. What Andrew and the team have done with the community and education efforts is by far more impressive and valuable than any trade they do. 

For me, when I decided to join, it was a few months after I left the company I had worked at for 17 years(not to peruse trading at that time). I decided to put my energy and skills in developing something of my own and start my own company. I started listening to various audible books and one day I came across Andrew's book. I noticed fantastic ratings and reviews, so I decided to give it a try. There rest you can guess, however when I was making the decision to join as a lifetime member, I had already eaten up most of my savings and it would have put me under a lot financial pressure. I decided to look at it as an investment which was the best investment decision I have ever made in my lifetime(even better than buying AMD options a few moths back @ $55).

Thank you Andrew and the BBT team for all your efforts,








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