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Is there a way to see RVOL pre market

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Any platform, I have DAS and TWS that shows relative pre market volume to see if its of higher interest in the pre market? Thx

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You'd have to pay for it. I think you can get it with a FinViz subscription and of course Trade-Ideas. But I'd say it's not worth it for pre-market, which is why I think DAS limited it to the open hours. In pre-market it can be misleading a tad as some stocks don't get a whole lot of premarket action regardless of catalyst, remember it's doing Relative Volume for the time period so if you're trying to get RVol of the last 14 days on the stock before 9:15am (example) it'll be sampling the last 14 days in a window between 4:00am and 9:15am.  The value may change rapidly just because of a how varied premarket volume can be on most stocks (big players like AAPL being an exception) and not be indicative of the actual action for the pending session.

It works well in normal trading hours, and I use it as one of my checks for "stocks in play" before entering a position.


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