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Kyle's hotkey - profit targets

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Hi all.

Question about Kyle's hotkey - partials for profit targets.

1. I double click on a chart for my potential stop area, then I press the hotkey - the order was executed. I am in. All good. No issues.

2. Is it possible to send the limit orders for my partials for 1R target and 2R target (potential profit targets) based on my potential stop area?

Please advise. Thanks. 



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4 hours ago, peterB said:

it would not be very wise to do it mathematically as you might miss the targets by a cent if the level you are reaching at is at 1.99R of your target

it would be better if you set your profit target later on once you are in the trade by clicking to the chart to the desired area of target and insert the order accordingly. you have plenty of time to do so anyway

Exactly what Peter said. Also we currently don't have a way to have more than two orders for taking a partial and then recalculate the stop loss without losing all remaining partial orders.

For example if you you're 100 shares long at $15, you two partials for 50 shares at $15.50 and 50 shares at $16.00. If you hit your first partial target at 50 shares and then it goes back to your stop loss, you'll suddenly be 50 shares short.

Best you can do is a single range order.

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