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What do you consider a high short interest?

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What do you consider a "high" short interest percentage, when it comes to the potential for a short squeeze?

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10% - Short interest and below is normal.
Above 10% is pretty high.
Above 20% is very high

Here is a hotkey: 1. Right click on your montage and change the name to MYMONTAGE or something like that. 2. Enter the hot key script below:

FocusWindow MYMONTAGE; http://shortsqueeze.com/?symbol=%SYMB%&submit=Short+Quote%E2%84%A2

I made it to where I hit Alt+S to get the short info after clicking on a stock in my watch list or entering a stock in my montage.


Hope this helps if you still need it.

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Thks for this, its help for quick reference in short term

However, in the mid term we should ask DAS to include in Mkt Viewer and Scanner so we can scan/filter inside DAS. I have asked DAS already but we need more people to make this request via email to them pls.

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