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Hi everyone!
I liked the idea of using Razer keypad for my main trading hotkeys. Norm has one and Carlos was speaking about it as a part of his new setup 
I remember him said that it solved the problem of mistakenly triggering an order while you typing on your keyboard (Like typing Shift Q ....)
I've got me one , then realized that Windows is only seeing it as a part of the main keyboard not as a new set of keys,
so you can only assign a key or combination of modifier and key to each button , that mean the possibility of sending order while typing on the main keyboard still there.
I couldn't solve this problem in the Razer software itself.
I don't know if any other member in our community is using it in a different way. 
But during my research to solve this problem I found some guys using an  additional keyboard (for hotkeys and shortcuts) with a software called HIDMacros which let Windows deal with it as an additional set of keys ( so you'll have the 104 your PC keboard keys + the keypad kays which mean no more in interference, no more order triggering while you moving between chat and platform )
anyone of our community have an insight about this issue pls?! 


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Can definitely br reporgrammed as just macro keys. The software should do it for you. If it's not you may be best asking in the Razer forum or contacting their support.

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i have a corsair kb55 rgb which has 6 dedicated macro keys which can be programmed right on the keyboard. you just press record, then do the sequence and save it to one of those keys. really usefull even for saving passwords as no software is involved

beside that good solution is the corsair/elgato stream deck which is quite expensive to statt with but there are other solutions like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RL6QBLZ/?coliid=I3IMPOABJJSWZN&colid=3LR5SK7B5MJ38&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

which work as well but you need to replace the keys https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FZGETQK/?coliid=IKGNA5SC6UYED&colid=3LR5SK7B5MJ38&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

or put some stickers to it.


and regarding the problem of orders while typing - make sure your shortcut keys use rare and unique combinations like ctrl+alt+shift+number and you are done. simple shift+key is just too common

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Using a normal keyboard offers tons of hotkey possibilities. I have over 100 setup, many are not combo-keys like ... all the 'F' keys, all the numberpad, home-delete-insert-end-pageup... and various punctuation like coma, period, semicolon,bracket.  Many are combo keys of course but you can label your keyboard for the hotkeys you don't use as often so as to make it a no-brainer to use.




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