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  1. I'll attend , looking to see you guys and I may have a guest with me too
  2. I'm looking for this hotkey too , it is important because the buying power is not constant ( if you have an open position consume a part of your buying power the next trade you'll take will have the rest of BP while your equity is always the same in specific day ) btw up to the limits of my knowledge there is no symbol for Equity to be used in the hotkey formula
  3. Hi everyone! I liked the idea of using Razer keypad for my main trading hotkeys. Norm has one and Carlos was speaking about it as a part of his new setup I remember him said that it solved the problem of mistakenly triggering an order while you typing on your keyboard (Like typing Shift Q ....) I've got me one , then realized that Windows is only seeing it as a part of the main keyboard not as a new set of keys, so you can only assign a key or combination of modifier and key to each button , that mean the possibility of sending order while typing on the main keyboard still there. I couldn't solve this problem in the Razer software itself. I don't know if any other member in our community is using it in a different way. But during my research to solve this problem I found some guys using an additional keyboard (for hotkeys and shortcuts) with a software called HIDMacros which let Windows deal with it as an additional set of keys ( so you'll have the 104 your PC keboard keys + the keypad kays which mean no more in interference, no more order triggering while you moving between chat and platform ) anyone of our community have an insight about this issue pls?!
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