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David Furlano

CMEG Broker Selection

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Hey guys ! 

       I'm new here and currently looking to change my broker and CMEG has caught my eye. I filtered through the previous posts but most of them seem dated. I just wanted to get some feedback from members that use CMEG daily. I currently use tradezero and I like them but am not inlove with them. Questions that are on my mind are as follows.

-Is the commission structure 0.0065 per share including routing and ECN?

-How is the short list ? similar or the same as IB ?

-How is the customer service when it comes to transferring funds in and out. (Read some horror stories on the forum about account setup and transferring funds)

-Is DAS free with CMEG if you generate over $500 commissions a month ?

-Does it come with a demo account that you have access to whenever you need ? (I read this somewhere, dont know if its a rumor)


      I think that's about it for questions from me regarding CMEG. Hope to hear both positive and negative feedback regarding CMEG. Thanks a lot for your help in advance !

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CMEG is a good choice if you are trading a small account. (less than 1000 shares)

Short list could be better. it is not as good as IB.

I haven't had any problems when transferring funds. However, International wires can sometimes be tricky.

Yes, it comes with a DEMO account.


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Hi David


-> The commission structure is 0.004 per share + 0.0025 ECN per share with minimum $0.50 per ticket.

I haven't had any issues with CMEG. 

-> I have noticed that short list is getting better and is some instances it's better than IB as well. IB is better most of the times but CMEG is not that bad for an overseas broker. I think it's the best option for small beginner traders.

-> Customer service is a hit or miss. They are good in looking after requests like change in daily stop loss limit or any general questions are usually answered pretty quickly. BUT, if you face any issues that they are not aware of or know how to fix then the technical support is a hit or miss. I had a technical issue and spoke with 3 representative with vague stupid answers. It was clear the the first 3 representatives didn't have a clue of the issue I am facing even after a week since my original email was sent. The last person I spoke with was a gem and provided me with a proper answer and fixed the issue. 

-> It usually takes 1-2 business days for my transfer to reflect is my CMEG account. That is from Australia to Trinidad and Tobago.

I am happy with CMEG as you won't face the above issue that often. It's very very rare.

The fills are excellent, margin is good, commission structure is excellent, client services is excellent, technical support is average.


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