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Swing Trading Setup ( Charting & Broker ) Qs.

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Hi everyone, been lifetime member since March 19 2018 and started with day trading for 8 months in sim. Since I got an upgrade at my job, now working on evening shift and can't get up soon enough for market open, I decided I would throw myself into swing trading. 


I wonder what you guys are using to chart, find setups. 

I currently have my money on I.B. and I am wondering if I need to subscribe to any market data plan with IB or if there is a costless option like using Think Or Swim for charting and just putting orders in with my IB Trader Work Station. 

Feel free to share your experience and setup also, very curious to see what you guys are up to.



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I use TradingView as well. The data plans are $2 for the NASDAQ and $2 for NYSE PLUS the cost of a premium plan. The real time data from IB is $1.50 per month for each as well. You may be able to get away without real time data and just use delayed data for swing trading... I'm not totally sure on that though as I don't swing trade enough to have a real valid opinion. TD Ameritrade's ToS will charge you a higher commission per trade + you'll also have to pay for the real time data (the cost of which I do not know).  Hope this helps!

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