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Hi Guys,

I've noticed that many of you were done in 10 mins into the day today (June 26) in the chatroom,  so I was wondering what ORB strategy you were using. 

I promised myself to wait for a 5 min ORB, then I saw AMD, MU and NVDA taking off as an ORB on 1 and 2 minute. Then I looked at the 2 mins charts, and further noticed the beautiful setups in premarket, just around at 9:28 am.

I am just wondering if anyone is using the premarket for an ORB? 

I'm going to give that one a go tomorrow morning... 🙂

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Hi Marek, Thanks VERY much for your detailed reply. i really appreciate the time you took to reply! 

i have narrowed my trading style down to ORBs. Luckily, i live on the west coast, so i can trade for an hour before i have to head to work, but that really leaves me with trading the open. which, actually fits my relentless style... i seem to get bored 30 mins in...

while, i am just a beginner, i have identified my trading style and it is trading the opens... for now, i'm working on the ORB's and trying to find what time frame suits me the most. I get bored on the 15 mins, so it has to be 5 mins or under.... I'm only focusing on ORBs and using 1, 2, 5, 15 mins charts. lets' see what tomorrow morning brings.:)

thanks again! 




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I’m still learning, but instead of waiting for a 5 min candle to break up or down I thought it was better to wait for a price level to break instead, whether that is the first minute or takes 15minutes to break. Many times in pre market I see a strong consolidation area building up, it looks like it wants to break over a price level. 

I originally thought when a 5 min candle breaks above the previous 5min candle than I should enter,  but what if in the pre market there is a price level that has not been broken yet and we are not actually breaking out, but just stuck in a range still. 

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