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I contacted Alliance Traders today prior to Andrew sending a group email and received this response that may be useful for the group.  I also asked if they have a method to import stock transactions into Intuit TurboTax that they answered at bottom.  Today I found a company called 

form8949.com that has integration service for $10 with CMEG and would need to investigate a way to do same with Alliance.  That's all I know but thought it worth sharing...


Good day,


Thank you for your interest in opening an account with Alliance Trader, as a BearBull member you will receive the following special commission and software rates:


Commission à $0.99 up to 300 shares (min $0.99 per ticket) (the rate over 300 shares will be communicated shortly)     


Software à        $120 DAS software fee, free after you make over $500 in commissions


Margin à            6:1 margin (intraday), 2:1 margin (overnight) on accounts $2500 and over                                                           

                              Margin fees: daily margin interest 10% per annum, margin call $25 and overnight short position fee 10% of the value of the position.              


Funding à          By bank wire transfer, subject to a $30 incoming wire fee


Withdrawal à   By bank wire transfer, $35 for domestic and $70 for international


Please use the following link to open an account: https://www.alliancetrader.com/open-an-account (for Corporate Accounts please use the joint account form and provide the required corporate documents listed on our website)


Regarding taxes, your back office login will give you the access to generate reports for you to file your taxes.


7 Belmont Road

Kingston 5

Jamaica, W.I.

Tel: (876) 960-4321-6

Fax: (876) 960-4327

US Line: (786)-267-9745

Website: www.alliancetrader.com

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Thanks you Andrew and Fader for this!😺

Always could back me up and guide me.

Also watched William`s brokers class, which helped me a lot. Thx to William too.👍

Planning to sending some money to Alliance Traders to give it a try.

Love the commission structures build for our small traders it really work out.💪💯

 It's difficult to maintain a trading style when commission becomes your huge pressure.

Especially if you want to trading a small account in the same place for a long time It may had a big effect on you.

I may send some money this month and will add more money if Alliance Traders really working out me.🤳


I also tried to open some other offshore brokers. But the approval process may take some time.😫

Hope i can find the right place to stay in.🏠

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Updates........this could be an opportunity for BBT members if done correctly.........approach SAGICOR for better rates to BBT members.

As stated I saw this coming (see other posts) and it could be good news for BBT clients if the buyers keep the service.  Sagicor is a great financial institution. across the Caribbean.  Now I am not sure they will keep the services which BBT members use...............this still needs to be seen.   If they keep it, the costs could drop and better efficient services could be offered.   It may take some time to onboard all the AIM services into SAGICOR GROUP.






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