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  1. Well that would be an Idea wouldn't it . You're a star. Regards
  2. Think I answered my own Question, I added it to my Scanner ?
  3. For both Bias, if that's how it works
  4. Hey guys looking to add the Free Roll hot button to my montage, Any scripts ? I tried asking Thor for his but no reply
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking to add RVOL to my charts because its obviously necessary. I cant find it in the studies how to I add it to my trading screens
  6. Did you copy the scripts, from the downloads section on the BBT website ? and make sure double click to trade is check marked on your chart config.
  7. Another thing is with Shorts if thats what order your trying to place, that the equity doesn't have an SSR " short sale restriction
  8. right click on the grey area of your montage, go to style then make sure you select " stop order" let me know if that helps
  9. Hey guys just a quick question, I have the hot key script for equalized risk, I'm trying to apply it in my Sim account but my stop orders don't seem to be filling and I'm losing more then my determined risk amount. I corrected the STYLE in my montage to stop order, but again the stop orders don't seem to be getting filled, any suggestions ?
  10. Agreed, wish this members board was a little more active though
  11. Hey man, I'm looking for a trading partner as well. I'm 29 from Etobicoke and looking to share some trade ideas, 

    I use two strategies as well the 5 minute ORB and Moving Average Trend Trade. Feel free to msg me back on my page and we'll connect. 

  12. Hey guys, new to the BBT community and fairly new to Trading, I've recently started trading SIM and I'm looking for a trading partner, Mainly to Navigate DAS with and exchange trade Ideas. If anybody's interested please leave a comment below and we'll connect. I know the basics of DAS but looking to get more in depth as well. I started learning more about the market during the pandemic , even though I was investing previously. I've read both of Andrews books as well as many more, my knowledge isn't overly extensive but I have been studying Technical Analysis and Intraday and Scalping for almost a year now. I'm more then comfortable with the three pillars of Trading, and like I said previously just want to expand my knowledge as much as possible. ( I'm not that new to strategies, psychology and risk management just transitioning to DAS from TradingView )
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