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  1. Normally I manually adjust these to break even after 1st partial. just a click and drag.
  2. It only cancels the attached stop once that partial is hit. But I think I get that DAS doesn't have that capability. Buy 1000 shares of ZZZ instantly executes and places orders as such.... 333 PT 1 and bracketed stop of 333 .50c 333 PT 2 and bracketed stop of 333 .50c 334 PT 3 and bracketed stop of 334 .50c So if it hits the first it will cancel the corresponding stop, then if it reverses the stop on the other 2 are hit and you're all out.
  3. @Peter B Like in ToS they are created as OCO (One Cancels Other) you would have how many ever i.e. 3 PTs and 3 seperate stop orders. As one is hit it cancels the other end of the order.
  4. Is there a way to create a bracket for PT (multiple Stop/Sell) orders using this key?
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