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  1. I'm also really worried about the wash sale's rule, and I've been reading a lot of articles on it but cannot understand the implication to day traders. [1] Let's say, I trade AAPL in 2021: Dec, 28: buy-then-sell at loss $100 Dec, 29: buy-then-sell with win $200 Dec, 30: buy-then-sell with win $200 For 2021, will my taxable profit $400 (2x$200 wins) or $300 (2x$200 wins minus the $100 loss)? [2] Let's say another example: Dec, 28: buy-then-sell at loss $100 Jan, 2,: buy-then-sell at win $200 I presume for 2021, I cannot claim the $100 loss, because I'm still under the wash sale rule. Any help would be appreciated. [3] I'm a new trader. Last year, I day trade+swing trade in my TDAmeritrade/TOS with hundreds of ticker symbols (but not understanding tax implications), and my 2021 tax document from TD shows that my wash sale is ($15,000) and my net gain is $7500, and I need to pay capital gain tax on the $7500. What I'm confused is why my wash sale is so high. Does this mean that I gained $22,500 but lost $15,000 so my net is $7500?
  2. I found this thread, and I see that Carlos' question has not been answered: "I did testing by using the scripts of William's video, (equalizing risk hotkeys), and only the order of buying or selling is filled, however the Stop Loss does order does not ...any advice? " I also faced the same problem and I created a new forum post: Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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