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  1. Good day. I just wanted to ask you guys about my current dilemma. I currently day trade during weekdays and work as a Nurse on weekends. I have been going in and out of same tickers for a few months now, example is MARA and RIOT and some other tickers that I already forgot. My question is this: If i enter a position with MARA, sold it in a few seconds or minutes and incurred a loss, then waited for a good setup in the same trading day to go long again and then sell it again. If i do it that a lot in a single day with the same tickers, will those losses be ever counted since its considered a wash sale? I never hold positions overnight, except for some very rare cases. I am just concerned that my Net Profit in gains would get to be bloated because those losses stemming from the wash sale might not be included. Lets say by Dec 31st i have gained 50K dollars for the whole year by day trading. What I am afraid of is that because of the wash sale that has been happening a lot, my net gains might go higher because of the losses that cannot be used, and Im afraid that I might be slapped with a huge tax bill. I just started trading this year so this is my first time to file taxes with capital gains. If someone can me help me out and shed some light on this issue, please do so. Thank you so much guys.
  2. Good day guys, just a noob question. Is there a way to look at current and active short positions in a specific stock? If there is, what website is it? Thanks to those who will answer.
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