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  1. Hello I am using both TWS(Mosaic) and DAS. I was worried IB didn't have hot buttons but created for long and short and works as you click like DAS. But the chart is not as clean as DAS. I relay on chart then L2 or other stuff. Chart needs more time to appear which is not what I want. I will include my IB set up here when I get to my workstation next time. Price comparison, it is very cheaper then DAS $150 vs $45($45 or something like this). Lets see if other members are using IB.
  2. @ Arashid, I did set up exactly as your buttons and tried to use on a low float stock coz they fluctuate too much. I am having problem with the order though. It was asking me to choose the route...!
  3. Hello Andrew or Chat room friends I am repeating question from Gianluca73. Is it $2.95+fees or only $2.95 straight? Please help. I am with IB now and easy to get $500/Mo commission.
  4. @ ARASHid Just realized that stop order is not 99% of original but it is 0.01 less then 1%. or less then 1% of original price?
  5. Hi Arashid, This seems very helpful. I will try with my Paper account to get used to, or more precisely know how. Thanks a bunch!
  6. U R

    Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

    This is very true. I can't give up FOMO yet but will try. Giving up FOMO is my next learning phase for sure. Thank you Andrew
  7. I felt the same way. Many times Andrew follows the current market direction than the Fundamentals. I am saying this coz i heard him saying what is the news on this today? Also remembered shorting UAA while it had better earning report and went up the day. The secret that i found in him is HE IS ALWAYS GREEN! . I followed him sometimes but that didn't work for me. Anyway, I am trying to follow market trend that particular time.
  8. U R

    Interactive Brokers

    One I noticed is if i hit buy one time and sale one time, there are more than 1 transactions eventhough all orders are executed at once. I didn't understand this. Can anyone help me
  9. U R

    Interactive Brokers

    Hello I have just joined Bearbulltraders and IB. I do have DAS simulator account don't know how to start up with. I should have 25k or so paper account? Please help or direct me to demo video.

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