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  1. No problem, let me know when you’re coming to town and we’ll see if I can make a meet up work!
  2. A couple recommendations: Rob Roy The Whiskey Bar both are in Belltown on 2nd, not far from the Space Needle.
  3. Hi all! I'm Steven, I live in the Lynnwood/Edmonds area. I've been learning how to day trade since 2020. I feel like I have learned a lot in the last 2 years but I'm only doing this on the side. I'm hoping to make this a full time job, but for now it's a side gig only while I work in IT from home. I'm also a motorcycle lover, currently I ride a 2019 Husqvarn Svartpilen 701. If anybody would be interested in chatting and discussing our trades, I would love to do so. I'm still half sim and half live but struggling in live. Sim I tend to do well, but for some reason my trades in live just don't work out.
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