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    • Did you have any luck Gary>?
    • https://traderpeter.substack.com/p/das-trader-advanced-hotkeys-part?r=1wujo4 check here if you want to learn how to do it technically but i must warn you that SMARTM route is probably not what you think it is - as described here https://open.substack.com/pub/traderpeter/p/trading-platform-choice?r=1wujo4&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web
    • there is one workaround which is very dodgy - you can place a limit order of one share on the desired stop then attach a trigger order to that one that would exit the whole position  the 2nd option shall be possible in the new dastrader version which is to be released. (currenty the functionality crashes the whole app) i will be covering this option here https://traderpeter.substack.com/p/das-advanced-hotkeys-part-4 and the next articles it will have its limits still though
    • 📉 Trade Recap: AMD Bounce off PDC 🚀 Trade Date: 5/16/24 Entry/Exit: I was looking for a reversal off a strong level Previous Day Close. AMD has been doing quick selloffs in the first few minutes then a pop to VWAP and higher. This is known as the Fallen Angel pattern, gap up pre-market then quick selloff at the open and a move higher if it holds VWAP. PDC held and wasn't even tested, I went long, stop was below PDC/S1. I added more at the VWAP breakout but had a bad fill, lots of chop and whipsaw action, then quickly partialed at R2 and 200SMA and got stopped out at break-even. Saw QQQ bottom forming and a bullish candlestick @ 9:34 and went back long AMD heavy size for a breakout towards R2 and liquidity at 161.50 and 162 which was the 50 SMA on the daily (potential resistance). Exited fully at R3. Lesson: Watch for a bounce with AMD after a quick sell-off. AMD is one of those stocks can take a few minutes to find direction, you may get stopped out during those whips, once the move start happening you can re-enter with conviction and make back any losses. #AMD #FallenAngel #PreviousDayCloseBounce    
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