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  1. Currently i would need to hit 3 different hotkeys in 4 steps Cancel stop -> 50% partial -> Click on chart price -> Update Stop
  2. Hi BBT, I was wondering whether i can get any help setting up a hotkey to take 50% off position and then update stop loss with new position size? Is that possible? Scenario: Entered short with full 1R, price moved against me so i want to scale out 50%. So i will take a 1/2R loss instead of a 1R loss if my stop is hit.
  3. Hi BBT, I've been trying to figure out how to set stoploss at 50% below average position upon entry of trade. Can anyone help me with this? For example, Enter trade at $1. Set SL at $0.50 or Enter trade at $0.40. SL at $0.20 Thank you.
  4. Here you go Hakuna. There's a list on BBT website https://bearbulltraders.com/weekly-practice-history/
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