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  1. Hey Peter, I’ve been paying $150/mo for BBT DAS package. That includes level 2 and sim. I had after hours replay too for about a year and a half to practice. Then DAS suddenly disabled it. I had to contact them and they charged me an extra $15/mo now for that. Isn’t that included in our package?
  2. @abielguerra I have been using DAS with replay mode for 1.5 years with BBT and paying the pkg every month. I tried to use SIM today and it gave me this error of no permissions for replay mode. I emailed them. How can I fix this? Did something change recently?
  3. Has this video been done yet? I too just finished SIM and need help going live. Thanks all for your guidance!
  4. Kyle! thank you for your incredible email and assistance. You are such a great mentor. I appreciate it. Do you also recommend using a range stop order so that it will set a 2 or 3R goal and a stop loss of 1R? Is there a hot key for this? Also can I partial out as normal with this? I have been Trading at the open in the morning when Andrew does that and the price action is so fast that I usually get stopped out because I am putting the stop too close to the price and it jumps too much - so I’m wondering what I should do for opening range break out or break down situation?
  5. Hi Kyle, 1. Entry Positions: I too am in SIM, and my 3 month subscription is expiring next week. I have been using your Fixed $ Risk Hotkeys for Long and Short. I changed it from $20 to $50. One issue that I have is that if I double click the chart too far away from the current price, it buys a small # of shares (I get the math behind why), and if I buy right near the price, it buys almost too many shares and then I often get stopped out before I have a chance to manually drag the Stop Loss down. For new traders, what do you suggest? 2. Partialing Out: I also have a sell/cover 25%, 50% and 100% button and also a "break-even" button that cancels any open stop loss and moves it back to the break-even (based on the original entry). What is the best way to partial out? Is there a hotkey similar to what you describe in this thread that can help me better scale out based on Risk/Reward amounts or percentages based on my risk? So a $50 Risk is 1 R, right? So if I want to scale out at 2R or 3R, what do you suggest I do to achieve this? Thanks! -Reagan
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