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  1. Thanks Rob! That was very helpful! Your sharing of experience is definitely valuable. I spent the last month or so re-orienting myself and reading up on stuff. It's definitely a different skillset & mindset!
  2. Hello good people, Forum lurker here seeking some advice. I have been day trading for the past half year, but now due to a new job restriction, I'm not allowed to. I still can however swing trade in indexes and ETFs (non single stocks) freely and I am thinking of doing that. This would definitely change the pace and strategy, and I'm going to Brian's book first as a guide. Anyone with experience with the same thing or any tips?
  3. Hi JasonH, thanks for helping to troubleshoot. Yup, that's the same hotkey I have. Maybe I'll go through all my hotkeys again. Paranoia is hitting. I'm pretty sure I have the correct montage (having doubts now!). I restarted DAS, selected the symbol tried again and it persisted. I got out after hitting panic a couple of times, fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.
  4. Hi guys, Was wondering what I did wrong with settings or maybe its just how it worked. I went long on FSR on last Friday (11/13/2020) where sometime during the trade I noticed the "S" disappeared in the montage. After a strong push up I decided to sell all but it kept saying "Security is not shortable![1279]". I finally exited with panic hotkey. Is there something I missed? I usually use Kyle's hotkeys (in this case it's the Scale Out 100%).
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