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  1. So I so very much want to cut and paste and get off to the races with Kyle's amazing Hotkeys however I've pasted the script provided in Williams Youtube video, updated my DAS version, selected the double click to trade and it still doesn't work. It places the trade but no stop loss. My double click to trade still doesn't work. Not sure where to go now. Any suggestions on what to do?
  2. Hello from Vancouver, B.C. Canada Jason Verbeke here. (Lifetime Member) I live in Surrey BC and when things get a little more normal in the world it would be nice to participate in one of the group meet ups as a first timer. Perhaps meet Andrew one day? Get one of those BBT hats and a t-shirt? lol! I'm an independent producer and seventeen year veteran of the General Insurance industry. I love what I do and already make a healthy living so I'm not looking to quit my day job any time soon. But I am totally hooked on day trading! I don't like to take any short cuts in life and don't believe I'm going to be an expert day trader any time soon so in my quest to get a proper education, back in Feb 2020, I enrolled in a local trading school called Online Trading Academy for a much preferred class room environment. Unfortunately that abruptly went to hell in a handbag due to COVID and resulted in the school being closed indefinitely!. At that point I did a pile of research on various other sources of trading education such as Warrior, True Trading Group, Skyview...etc. but after reading Andrews book I decided to join BBT and pursue day trading. I felt Andrew's position, specifically as a Canadian, helped me from a perspective of what platform to use, brokerage, taxes and in general I felt that I shared a few things in common with him over the others. He also comes across a little more honest versus some of these online sales professionals. As of today I've been SIM trading with DAS since Aug 2020. I trade Monday to Friday during the open for ORB's and ABCD patterns. I also spend an extra hour or two in the evenings devoted to furthering my education. I use a Mac for my trading station with 3 monitors but will likely be changing that in the future as it feels like Im trying to make something work that wasn't meant to handle trading. I'm almost at a 50% win rate according to my Chartlog journal but feel I still have a long way to go before going live and I think when you use real money its going to be another steep learning curve. So if anyone is wanting to get a "trading buddy group" going on, please count me in. Online education has come a long way in todays age however I believe one on one contact still adds a lot of value to the learning curve. One day I hope to have enough experience where I will be able to give something back to my trading community as well. Giving back can also be very rewarding and I look forward to this Feel free to drop me a line anytime to introduce yourself. Happy trading... Chat Room Name: JasonV email: [email protected]
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